Cullen Lakes Association


The Sixth Annual Cullen Lakes Yacht Club (CLYC) Regatta will take place on Saturday, July 18, 3:00pm. All boats will gather at the east end of Lower Cullen near the public access. Weather conditions and wind direction will determine the course layout, which will be similar to past regattas.

One-person sailboat regattas have got to be among the safest sporting events in the world when it comes to social distancing. Maintaining a six-foot distance between boats will be no problem. With a few capsized moments, some miscalculations and a couple of unexpected wind gusts, it would be very easy to keep hundreds feet apart in Lower Cullen’s over five hundred acres of water. Last year there was even a moment when some members of one of the boat’s crew jumped overboard and swam ashore. In the short history of the CLYC Regatta, there have been some extraordinary situations.
Because of the states guidelines and suggested protocols, there will be no post-race gathering or trophy presentation at the Clubhouse. Those festivities will have to wait for another year.
All inquires regarding this year’s regatta should be directed to Tom Beaver (218-831-6318) or  Here’s to another great time on the high seas. Stay well and keep your sails full.