Board Members

Ann Beaver -- Lower                     Dan Hurley -- Lower             Jim Burrell -- Lower

John MacGibbon -- Lower             Paul Beilfuss -- Lower           Debi Oliverius -- Middle      

Carol Lindahl -- Lower                  Anne Kostreba -- Lower       C.B. Bylander -- Upper         

Charlie Boudrye -- Middle             Patty Hicks -- Middle            Joel Knutson -- Middle 

Denny Opsahl -- Upper                


(Board member contact information is available on the last page of every newsletter)

Officers of the board for 2018-2019 are:
President -- Ann Beaver            Click here to contact the President
Vice President -- John MacGibbon
Secretary -- Paul Beilfuss
Treasurer -- Carol Lindahl
New Members elected to CLA Board in 2017:

Patty Hicks -- Middle Cullen

Joel Knutson -- Middle Cullen

Anne Kostreba -- Lower Cullen


The following committee assignments for 2017-2018 were established at the September CLA Board of Directors meeting.  Please contact the committee chair if you would like to serve on one of these committees.

President's Note: Association members are welcome to serve on any of these committees.

Anne Kostreba -- chair
Paul Beilfuss
John MacGibbon


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Water Quality
Ann Beaver -- chair
Jim Burrell
Debi Oliverius
Denny Opsahl

Carol Lindahl -- chair
Ann Beaver

C.B. Bylander -- chair
Ann Beaver (Newsletter)

John MacGibbon

Debi Oliverius

Land Development
Ann Beaver -- chair
Charlie Boudrye

 C.B. Bylander --  chair
Dan Hurley

Joel Knutson 

Environmental Issues
Anne Kostreba -- chair
Denny Opsahl
Jim Burrell

Dan Hurley
Patty Hicks

Invasive Species

Ann Beaver -- co-chair
Carol Lindahl  -- co-chair
C.B. Bylander
Debi Oliverius
Denny Opsahl

Budget & Finances
Paul Beilfuss -- chair
Joel Knutson

Carol Lindahl

Debi Oliverius

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Committee Reports

Lake Management Planning
President -- chair
All committee chairs

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