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​​Transporting Docks, Lifts, or Watercraft to the Cullens this Spring??  Click Here for Crow Wing/Cass County DNR approved service providers.

We don't manage resources, we manage human behavior. The resources will take care of themselves just fine. It's the human influence that we interject on the resource that causes the problem.

John Sumption, Assistant Director of Environmental Services, Cass County.

THOUGHT:  Changes in water quality are primarily a reflection of what happens on land---around the shoreland and within the lake's watershed.

"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy." John Sawhill

Property Owners Please Note:  You MUST provide a road to your property wide and high enough for the passage of fire fighting equipment and sufficiently cleared of snow for Fire Fighters to access your buildings.  Wide enough means no less than 12 feet (20 is better) clear of brush, trees and other obstacles. The clear height of the road must be no less than 12 feet.   Cleared of snow means plowed to the same 12 foot width.  Your insurance policy may not pay you for fire damage if you do not provide this access to your property!

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6th Annual Cullen Lakes Yacht Club Regatta (2020) details - Click here

CLP Treatment Details for 2020 = (Updated 06/16/2020)  SEE THE LAKES PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS
Clarke Aquatic Services treated curly leaf pondweed in the Cullen Lakes May 18th and 19th.

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention, click here for LARA Newsletter & Video 


2020 DNR Grants for Aquatic Invasive Species - All three Cullen Lakes have been awarded a grant to treat curly leaf pondweed this spring. This is after three years of no grant money from the DNR being available. Upper Cullen was awarded up to $1,416, Middle Cullen will receive up to $1,242, and Lower Cullen was awarded up to $1,195.

The Latest CLA Committee Reports are in the Annual Meeting Booklet and in the Fall Newsletters


Board meetings - Currently,the 2nd Saturday of each month (May-October) at 9:00 a.m. Via Zoom Video due to COVID-19. Normally, meetings are at Lutheran Church of the Cross just North of Schaefers Foods


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Annual Meeting 2020 - Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the predictions about its danger lasting until a vaccine is developed, CLA will not hold its Annual Meeting in person. Lakes area health facilities currently believe the Covid-19 peak will not be until early to mid August here. More information will be shared in the summer newsletter, via email, Facebook, and the CLA website once the Board has decided how to handle the necessary business of the meeting.
It is normally held at Lutheran Church of the Cross, Nisswa, MN, which is located just North of Schaefer's on County Rd. 13.

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  • 0830 Registration, Coffee, juice & rolls.
  • 0900 Special Presentation by , Business meeting, and Q&A session.


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