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Electronic Communications and Newsletters


CLA Members, please let us know your e-mail address. We are compiling an e-mail book of all members who are "connected". Click here and please include your name, which lake you are located on, and if you would like to receive the Newsletters via email.  If you do prefer the electronic version, we will e-mai you the Newsletter which will help us keep our operating costs down. That means more time and money for improving our lake quality and less time licking stamps.

Our Members

by Charlie Boudrye

We closed the year 2014 with 233 of 276 property owners who are Members, or 84%. This is one of the highest percentages of membership among the area lake associations. In addition, we have 17 Associate Members and 6 Complimentary Members. The current CLA database includes 17 family members and 38 non-members for a total of 311 entries.
If you have not yet mailed your dues for this year, please send your payment of $25 to Cullen Lakes Association, P.O. Box 466, Nisswa, MN  55468.
Our members continue to show support for the Association’s activities by sending a tax-deductible contribution with their dues payment.  Thank you for contributing whatever you are able.
Membership in the Association is not limited to property owners.  If you or your family members would like to receive CLA newsletters and other mailings but are not currently the owner of a Cullen Lakes shoreland property, you can join as an Associate member with the same benefits as a member who is a property owner.

You can reach me by mail, P.O. Box 466, Nisswa, MN 56468 or Email me at the following link: Email