Cullen Lakes Association

CLA Lending Library


The Cullen Lakes Association has the following items available for your use:


  • Stop Exotics: Clean Your Boat - 11 minute video, featuring John Ratzenberger (a.k.a Cliff Clavin from the TV show "Cheers"), which shows the simple steps boaters can take to  prevent the spread of exotic species.


  • Septic Systems Revealed:  A Guide to Operation, Care, and Maintenance - 23 minute video which explains how your septic system works and what to do to keep it working.


  • Restore Your Shore - CD ROM program on protecting a natural shoreline or restoring a degraded one.  It allows you to create a customized plant list from an extensive  database of over 400 plants native to Minnesota.


  • Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality - Book that shows how to plan and plant a diverse natural lakeshore landscape.  Read about techniques to preserve or restore the natural beauty of your shoreline.


To borrow any of these items, contact Ann Beaver, 218-568-5904.