Cullen Lakes Association

“In the spirit of celebration of our wonderful resource, our Cullen Lakes, and in an effort to promote their preservation, we have produced a short video presentation. Hopefully you and your families will enjoy and be inspired to continue the support and caretaking of our great asset.

This production was funded by a small allocation of a generous bequest to the CLA from the estate of Morraine Norden in 2016. Morraine and her husband, Dr. Lowell Norden who passed in 2002, owned their cabin on the northeast bay of Lower Cullen since 1958. We are honored to have this video as a memento and tribute to the lakes, and honor the Norden’s dedication and commitment to stewardship of the Cullen Lakes.

 We are extremely grateful for their generosity and hope you enjoy the video.“

See the Videos of the Cullen Lakes here:

Over View of the Lakes

Fishing on the Lakes

The Lakes      *See Videos of the Lakes---->


Cullen Lakes Maps

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Loons Nesting, Please Don't Disturb...

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DNR Lake Surveys July 2015 - Upper Middle  Lower

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Curly Leaf Pondweed Info (CLP) Click here for more


Purple Loosestrife Information Click here for more  (7/28/2021)


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Eurasian Milfoil vs. Northern Milfoil

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State of MN Approved Dock and Lift Providers

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