The MN DNR Fisheries office in Brainerd, MN oversees the Cullen lakes chain fishery.  Their present plan calls for lake surveying and walleye stocking on a rotating schedule as follows:
Surveying of all 3 lakes was last done in July 2015 and is on a 6 year rotation. The next survey is due to occur in 2021.
Stocking walleyes in Middle Cullen was last done in 2014 and is on a 3 year rotation. The next stocking is due to occur in 2017.

See the links on the Lakes page for the Upper and Middle Cullen Lake DNR Fish Surveys from July 2015.

Click Here for Proposed DNR Fishing Regulation Changes


Currently there are no Special Regulations imposed by the DNR for the Cullens.

Should the DNR impose any Special Regulations on the Cullens, details will be posted here.


Click one of the following links to see the DNR lake surveys from 2015.
DNR lake survey for Upper Cullen                      Upper Synopsis by Dan Meixner
DNR lake survey for Middle Cullen                    Middle Synopsis by Dan Meixner
DNR lake survey for Lower Cullen                      Lower Synopsis by Dan Meixner
Click one of the following links to see the MPCA water clarity and quality reports:


MPCA reports for Upper Cullen
MPCA reports for Middle Cullen
MPCA reports for Lower Cullen

Fish Management Committee Updates


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