Cullen Lakes Association

CLP Grant Details for 2021


​“CLA receives DNR grants for CLP treatment"

Thanks to the diligent and timely grant application work of Carol Lindahl, AIS Committee co-chair, all three Cullen Lakes have been awarded a grant to treat curly leaf pondweed this spring. This is after three years of no grant money from the DNR being available.

Upper Cullen was awarded up to $1,416, Middle Cullen will receive up to $1,242, and Lower Cullen was awarded up to $1,195.

A condition of the grants is that CLA must arrange for an aquatic plant surveyor who is not the treatment contractor to do a delineation survey of the areas of CLP to be treated in each lake. CLA is currently under contract with Clarke Aquatic Services to do a pre-treatment survey, chemical treatment of CLP, and a post treatment survey. To meet the DNR grant requirement cited above, CLA signed a one time contract with Central Minnesota Aquatics to survey and verify the treatment polygons proposed by Clarke.

The cost of this additional survey verification process will reduce each lake’s treatment grant by $500. However, CLA is still appreciative of the remaining grant funds that will be used for the CLP treatment itself.